Is an Oral Tenancy Agreement Valid?

Yes, an oral tenancy agreement can be valid, but it’s always better to have a written one. Oral agreements can be harder to prove in court and may lead to disputes.

How to Get an Independent Contractor License

If you want to know how to get an independent contractor license, you should check with your local government or licensing authority for specific requirements and procedures.

Labour Laws in Kenya – Sick Leave

Under labour laws in Kenya, employees are entitled to a certain number of sick leave days. It’s important to understand your rights as an employee or employer in this regard.

Motor Vehicle Purchase Contract

When buying a car, it’s crucial to have a motor vehicle purchase contract in place to outline the terms and conditions of the sale, and protect both the buyer and the seller.

Kina Bank Loan Requirements

If you’re considering a loan from Kina Bank, make sure to familiarize yourself with the loan requirements to ensure a smooth application process.

Hale Law Sarasota – Expert Legal Services

For residents of Sarasota looking for expert legal services, Hale Law Sarasota offers a wide range of legal expertise and representation.

California Medical Legal Fee Schedule

Healthcare providers and insurers in California must adhere to the medical legal fee schedule when billing for medical-legal services.

Centre for Law and Policy Research Internship

For those seeking legal research experience, an internship at the Centre for Law and Policy Research may be an excellent opportunity.

How to Avoid Taxes on RMD

Individuals who want to avoid taxes on required minimum distributions (RMD) should explore various tax planning and retirement strategies with the help of a financial advisor.

What Is the Rule of Law?

The rule of law refers to the principle that all individuals and entities are subject to and accountable to the law, and that no one is above the law.

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