Yo, listen up, I got the scoop
Gonna lay it down, gonna bust a move
From conditional discharge to leopard hunting
I got the legal lowdown, no frontin’
You know I break it down, like an MC
Gonna hit you with that chartered legal executive course, can’t you see?
Study and qualify, it’s the way to go
Become a CILEx lawyer, put on that legal show
But be careful of them fees, those early termination fines
In a lease agreement, they can cross the line
Early termination fee in lease agreements, gotta know the score
So you don’t end up payin’ more and more
And if you’re in Karnataka, pay attention to the rules
Civil service rules, they’ll help you be cool
But if the National Guard is more your style
Check out the Colorado requirements, go the extra mile
If you need to make a move, a temporary change
Fill out that temporary guardianship form in Alabama, don’t be estranged
And when it comes to global trade, you gotta know
The history of GATT, it’s part of the legal flow
But now, let’s talk about the big cats in the wild
Is leopard hunting legal? Well, let me compile
And if you wanna know ‘bout how a bill becomes law
Check out the process explained, no legal flaw
So, if you’re in Dubai and you need some advice
Get that legal advice, don’t think twice
From conditional discharge to leopard hunting, all in one rhyme
Legal knowledge at your fingertips, anytime

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