We pride ourselves in creating custom designed cakes. We are artists and we value each and every cake we create no matter the size or choice of artwork. It’s our goal to always go above and beyond when creating a custom designed cake (or any of our products) because we know this is important to our customers.

Due to the creativity our cakes and the custom designs, there are two major factors that are considered when pricing out a custom designed cake. These factors are the size of the cake and the artwork for the cake. The flavor you select does not effect the price of the cake.

How We Determine the Price of Your Cake? How a Cake is Priced Based on Shape and Set-up?

Cakes come in a variety of shapes and set-ups. Depending on the shape, size of the cake, or the number of tiers you have these factors will determine the cost of your cake without the custom artwork.

How Artwork Effects the Price of Your Cake

We welcome your creativity when designing out your cake! In order to price out the artwork for your cake we look closely at the following factors*: level of detail, the materials needed, the number of color changes, and the time invested in creating the cake.

At Cakes for Occasions we hire artists not just cake decorators. We are confident it shows in all of our products. We hope you have fun and enjoy designing out your cake. We look forward to creating it!

*Your cake is important to us! Price could fluctuate after order is placed due to time spent on artwork.

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